Who Are We?

In January of 2017, women from all over the country gathered in public spaces to share their voices, speak out against hate, condemn violence, and project an image of solidarity in a world that felt torn apart. In the same month, five middle school girls in Leander, Texas, gathered around a microphone to interview a choir teacher in their school that made them feel heard and valued. In the months that followed, these same young women (plus a few new additions) captured the stories of a director of the National Science Foundation (NSF), a priest, an author, and a photographer whose work is collected by major art museums and routinely featured in the New York Times - all women - in a podcast called All Girls Considered (AGC).

How Did We Come to Be?

The impetus for creating AGC was born when our founder, Jennifer, became aware of how little her eighth grade girls listened to and rallied around one another. Rather than support one another, students competed and criticized each other’s differences. Anxiety, depression, and an overall lack of confidence were rampant in classrooms. Students often spoke over each other, or faded away into the background. As Jennifer began working to empower the students in her classroom, she realized the power of giving agency and voice to girls as means of developing community and confidence.

Where Are We Going?

To date, the members of AGC have learned not only about how the women they interview discover and use their voice, but also that their own voices are powerful. We have gone from interviewing a teacher within our building to interviewing Grace Bonney, a published author with over 921K followers on Instagram. We have seen our work shared on social media by people who have no connection to our school, and even in the New York Times!

As we embark upon a new part of our journey, AGC will provide toolkits and guidelines for educators interested in helping their own students share their voices and stories beyond the walls of the school. As a part of AGC, our chapters will connect young women throughout communities, and the country. We are ready to grow with each member and evolve with each generation as we provide the spaces and opportunities for girls to share their voices and develop as leaders!

I love being involved and I believe spreading the voices of women that aren’t always heard is important. I feel like a lot of middle schoolers, they don’t always make a difference in the world. I don’t want to wait until I’m an adult; I want to make a difference now.”
— Abigail, 8th grader